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Photo Gallery of the PCN
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PCN 3731 and 14 in yard at Lolita, TX.  Note the sand tower
in the background (more below).

 A more "candid" shot of the inside of a locomotive's toilet

The front end of PCN 3726.  The shop and my dad
are in the background.  Note the sand filler apparatus to the right.
The tower was only completed in the past few years; sand was poured
from bags by hand before the construction of the tower.
The diesel fuel pump just after filling an unknown unit.

Looking over the nose of PCN 3731 toward the town of Lolita.
Note the covered hoppers to the right.  These cars comprise
virtually all of PCN's rolling stock.  Also, the interchange with UP
is located off to the left on the opposite side of the road.

Another shot of the shop.  There are two bays located at the
facility.  If I remember correctly, all four road units were in Lolita
on this day and are visible (mostly) in this photograph.

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