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Links to Railroading Sites...
Cyberspace World Railroad My favorite railroading link!  Includes tons of information about prototype, as well as model, railroading and has a tie-in with the NMRA's website of links.  Literally thousands of other rail-related websites can be accessed here.
Texas Shortlines Information about a number of Texas shortline railroads (including the Point Comfort and Northern).
Texas Railroad Commission  This page contains several pieces of information pertaining to rail legislation, regulation, and safety issues.  It also has a very nice map of the rail network across the state.
The Railspot  Includes several bits and pieces about Texas railroading and an opportunity to subscribe to some mailing lists.
Robert Byrnes' Railfan Page  I've included this page because Mr. Byrnes has several PCN photos that he took in the early 1990's.
Union Pacific Railroad Corporate website for Union Pacific Railroad.  Includes much information about the railroad's history, motive power, and detailed maps of the UP system.
Kansas City Southern Railroad  Corporate website for Kansas City Southern Industries.  One of my all-time favorite railroads.
Operation Lifesaver A nationwide, non-profit public information program dedicated to eliminating collisions, injuries and fatalities at highway-rail crossings and on railroad rights-of-way. Our web site offers news reports, educational materials, statistics, safety tips, upcoming events, and information on how to get involved.
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